Networks, Infrastructures, ICT

IT System Services and Support, Copper/Optic Fiber LAN/Wireless Networks, Professional Certifications, IT Security.

R&S Projects and Industry 4.0

Researching projects for innovative IoT services and products and Industrial Automation. Open Innovation hubs participation.

Smart custom applications

Smart solutions for embedded systems. Data analysis and submission, artificial intelligence and AR/VR. Intelligent sensors, microcontrollers, IoT.

Trinity S.r.l.

About us

Trinity S.r.l. put together a pool of experts in the Information Technology area able to provide design and consulting services for business IT infrastructures.
We can offer effective and customized solutions with the restoration of any pre-existing investments, we also design and install new information systems.
Our business starting from Latina (Italy) has expanded in whole Lazio over the years. Currently, on several situations, we operate throughout the national territory.
Innovation, Industry 4.0, Open Innovation R/S projects, these are the areas where Trinity S.r.L. is strongly committed, to be by the side of business managers in the this historical moment of digital transformation and to reach out new market challenges.


Our Services

Networks, Infrastructures, ICT Services

  • Realization of Lan, Wan, Wireless networks for office/factort with Copper/Optic Fiber wiring
  • Design and management of global IT structures
  • System services in Microsoft and VMware environments – IT Services 1st-2nd level

R&S Projects and Industry 4.0

R&S used as an incentive for innovative projects in the 4th industrial revolution. Better known at the EU community level as Industry 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution brings with it a lot of ways of production improvements, we are projected towards the change of many paradigms to which we got used to in the last 30/40 years, during which we experienced the 3rd industrial revolution (the “information technology” revolution).
industria 4.0

Smart Custom Applications

We design and implement SMART making use of communication standard for the main embedded platform systems. Data analysis and submission using artificial intelligence.

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Trinity s.r.l. provides services and system support for SMEs and large organizations. (click on the image…)

Trinity srl supporto sistemistico

Server and Desktop Virtualizations
Management and support in centralized authentication environments
Progetti di migrazione e razionaliMigration and access rationalization projects

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