Roles and responsibilities (present and future…)

If it is true that changes occur with exponential speed, the figure of the “computer system engineer” lies between the anvil and the hammer; on the one hand it must possess all the baggage of know-how and experience to carry out the profession optimally with respect to the problems and standard developments of any company, on the other hand it must already have the skills to help the customer respond to new challenges:

  • Faster pace of change, be fully in line with the “digital transformation”;
  • Increased complexity, therefore proposing agile, adaptable and resilient solutions;
  • Incorporate and make operational and functional to the business the factors of the digital transition;

New Technologies

They seem few characteristics, but they contain a great effort at the personal level of continuous training and adaptation to new technological paradigms. Reasoning in terms of “service”, even the expectations of a good “IT support” are evolving, it is necessary to combine standard services with everything that derives from the new technologies / most disruptive challenges that will allow you to react to recent global crises:

  • Advanced Virtualization
  • Cloud
  • Cyber Security

During the phase of response to more or less unforeseen crises, the highest priority is to guarantee the operational continuity of services and operations, but in a logic of business economy that is sometimes totally changed to cope with cost increases and maintain vital margin levels. In this context, technologies emerge that allow the reduction of infrastructure maintenance costs, migrate to more agile and distributed architectures to favor collaborative and remote work, not linked to static physical structures, and at the same time have a more performing network infrastructure, here therefore the need to leverage cloud resources and software-defined networking technologies to accommodate more remote workers and continue to meet customer demand.

The cyber security.

As history teaches, there is no development without security, for this reason everything that is put in place must now satisfy one and only question: << is it compliance from the point of view of security? >> by the Security Manager, identify and adhere to the policies in a risk containment framework, and guarantee the full security of the company starting from the perimeter one up to that of the new working methods and information sharing (agile working, smartworking, collaborations).

The system services offered by Trinity s.r.l.

Trinity s.r.l. makes use of internal staff and collaborators with a high level of skill and experience gained in large enterprise companies able to offer advanced services and support. Below is a brief overview of the highest consulting services and activities that our team can carry out, from the most consolidated to the most advanced with the adoption of hyperconverged technologies, server and client virtualization, use of the cloud for both backup methods and for the provision of services.