To obtain the best performance of a wireless network, it is necessary to ensure that the access points (Access Points) are in the most optimal positions and that other radio stations, which can cause interference, are minimized.
This requires performing a site survey to analyze the site’s wireless spectrum.
Thanks to a long experience in the sector, Trinity srl is able to carry out both predictive and real surveys , for new projects to be estimated or for problem solving on AS-IS installations, eliminating the problem of an expensive implementation that may prove inadequate only in retrospect.Our professional software with a special kit is also able to carry out the analysis of the RF spectrum to listen and analyze the frequency bands used by Wi-Fi devices.
Because these bands are unauthorized, they are often shared with non-Wi-Fi sources of RF signals, such as wireless cameras, microwave ovens, or cordless phones, which cause interference. The radio environment can change, all sorts of other wireless devices can pollute the 802.11 spectrum.

The purpose of spectrum analysis is to detect and identify such sources of interference, eliminate them, and identify WLAN channels with minimal interference.