Roles and responsibilities (present and future…) If it is true that changes occur with exponential speed, the figure of the “computer system engineer” lies between the anvil and the hammer; on the one hand it must possess all the baggage of know-how and experience to carry out the profession optimally with respect to the problems […]

Why “reorganize” the cabling of the rack cabinets? Facilitates access to active and passive devices Better identification of cables and connectors Simplify and accelerate problem solving Increase system performance Reduces malfunctions Trinity s.r.l., thanks to its thirty years of experience in the structured cabling of LAN networks, it is able to carry out accurate reorganization […]

To obtain the best performance of a wireless network, it is necessary to ensure that the access points (Access Points) are in the most optimal positions and that other radio stations, which can cause interference, are minimized. This requires performing a site survey to analyze the site’s wireless spectrum. Thanks to a long experience in […]

It is with great pleasure that we present the new website www.trinitysrl.eu. For a company it is essential to be present online with clear and comprehensive content about its work, offering users the opportunity to request information on specific and customized solutions.

1- Make sure that change management is relevant in programming. In the first phase after the advent of Iot in many companies were not achieved the objectives for having underestimated the impact of changes to internal and external processes, some operating sectors were not involved and found themselves unable to respond to the news arising […]

Source: www.mise.gov.it The italian MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) provides R & D credit instruments to stimulate private spending on Research and Development to innovate processes and products and ensure the future competitiveness of companies. Until 2019 Tax credit of 50% on incremental expenses in Research and Development, granted up to an annual maximum of […]