The evolution of the internet and widespread broadband connections have extended the concept of online to real objects and places (“things”), which can increasingly interact with the network and transfer data and information. In this way, any object (sensor) can be given an “electronic identity” and use communication technologies of “proximity” such as Rfid, QR code, Beacon, Bluetooth, etc.; it then configures the IOT (Internet Of Things), that’s the Internet of Things.

  • We design and implement SMART solutions using communication standards for the main platforms of embedded systems.
  • Analysis and presentation of data using artificial intelligence.
Intelligent sensors

Use of sensors for the detection of environmental parameters, factory measurements, optical reading technologies, industrial automation.

  • Project feasibility analysis and design study
  • Prototyping of communication devices and infrastructures
Microcontroller – PLC

IT applied to microelectronics allows to implement intelligent systems

  • Software development on embedded devices
  • Analysis of the sizing and implementation of the appropriate network and communication infrastructure
IoT – Ilot

Pure innovation in combining Iot objects in value-generating scenarios.

  • Evaluation of possible solutions for management, analysis and monitoring in AI and Big Data contexts