Fiber optic junction

  • Alignment on the core
  • Fiber optic junction with automatic fiber recognition
  • Long life battery0
  • Bidirectional use
  • Designed for use in harsh environments
  • Resistant to dust, wind, humidity, shock0
  • High precision casting (splice fiber optic)
  • Fiber optic fusion capability for all existing fiber types
Trinity srl giunzioni fibra ottica

Header and inspection

The header or certification of a single-fiber connector must be carried out with great care in order not to introduce high signal losses, for this reason we adopt the fusion technique that introduces a very low loss close to zero.
We provide high-quality connectors and perform maintenance on existing connectors with cleaning and inspection via portable electronic imaging for damage or contamination.

Certification and testing

TIER 1: To certify an optical fibre link, the following operations must be carried out: Link attenuation measurement and evaluation, Link length measurement and evaluation, Link polarity verification
TIER 2: completed by an analysis of the link with OTDR (trace and/or table of events). The OTDR analysis provides an indication of the uniformity of cable attenuation and the loss associated with each individual connector, each single junction and other events.